Though there are multiple programs targeted to reach the health benefits to the last person in the society, the bitter truth is that the government health personnel are indifferent to the need of bringing these schemes on the ground on one hand, and on the other, the community is also largely unaware of them. As a result, even today 55 to 60 percent deliveries are conducted at home and this percentage is all the more high in the Dalit communities. Samagra Seva has been working among the Dalit communities to spread awareness through posters, banners, wall writings and meetings about these schemes to ensure their access to these in a smooth way. That is why, on every immunization day, the organizational workers keep the beneficiaries in Dalit hamlets prepared and motivated so that no target beneficiary is left out. They collect the beneficiaries at the immunization venue, ensure that the immunization session starts in time and the vaccines and other items are in sufficient quantity as well as well preserved. They also make efforts to ensure that the pregnant women receive health care and other nutritional supplements right since their pregnancy and their health and hygiene behaviors are changed positively. Frequent awareness inputs are provided on the issue of institutional delivery among the target groups in addition to facilitating the pregnant tracking, neo-natal tracking, neo-natal home gifts as well as 102 ambulance service and conducting meetings with the lactating mothers.