1. A total of 3262 dropout and working Musahar children in 6-14yr age group have been enrolled in the schools.
  2. 1970 un-enrolled Musahar children are enrolled in the schools.
  3. 2214 Musahar children in 3-6yrs age group were linked to Anganwadi Centers.
  4. Four schools that were on the verge of closure were caused to be continued.
  5. 130 Musahar children were freed from child labor and were enrolled in schools.
  6. 7 Cultural Education Centers are being run in 7 Mahadalit hamlets for educational development of weak and dropout children in which 135 Musahar children are studying.
  7. There have been 105 first-matriculate-in-their-families Musahar children this year in our target areas.
  8. 25 such children are studying in Intermediate.
  9. 5 Musahar students have reached up to Graduation level.
  10. 1050 illiterate mothers have learned to write their names.

Health & Nutrition

    1. Tracking and counseling services were provided to 1486 pregnant women and, by ensuring three antenatal examinations for them, 1287 institutional deliveries were facilitated.
    2. By conducting awareness and advocacy campaigns, 4224 children were provided with birth certificates.
    3. 65% Full immunization among Musahar children was ensured.
    4. 312 acutely malnourished Musahar children were facilitated special care in Nutritional Rehabilitation Center.
    5. A total of 145 Health Camps have been organized in Musahar hamlets due to which the child mortality has decreased by 37% since 2010.

  1. 5 new AWCs were caused to be opened in Musahar habitations.
  2. The malnutrition level of 1075 Musahar children have been decreased by providing local and domestic level care.
  3. Formerly, no pregnant mother wanted to go to health centre for check up or hospital for delivery. Now, the scenario has reversed and we have succeeded in getting 4575 institutional deliveries in our target area
  4. Formerly, no mother indulged in colostrums feeding to their newborns. Now 100% of them do it.
  5. Every nursing mother while attending AWC services, now demands that her child be weighed there.

Child Participation

  1. Bal Manch have been organized in 26 villages consisting of 395 10-16yrs Musahar children.
  2. 15 Kishori Manch have been organized consisting of 156 10-18yrs Musahar girls.
  3. 776 working Musahar children have been enrolled in schools with the help of Bal Manch and Kishori Manch.
  4. Child marriages of 187 Musahar girls were averted by the help of Kishori Manch.

Empowerment of Tribals

  1. 5 Van Sanrakshan Samitis (Forest Protection Committees) were organized.
  2. 10 SHGs consisting 110 tribal women were formed.
  3. 10 Kisan Clubs were organized at the village level consisting of 110 tribal women members.
  4. 09 Kisan Clubs have been provided with one diesel pumps each.
  5. A big generator was provided to Kathotiya village to facilitate the study of children in evening. A total of 114 children are drawing benefit from this facility.
  6. The tribal families were facilitated to get 5 diesel pumps, 10 cows, 4 sewing machines, agricultural implements, fertilizer, seeds etc. under MADA scheme.
  7. 15 very poor tribal families were provided cross bred goats for an extension of the livelihood opportunities for them.
  8. 1056 tribal families were provided saplings of fruit bearing plants.
  9. 40 tribal girls were rendered self dependent by providing training in sewing and cutting.
  10. Every year, a number of farmers are facilitated training with the assistance of Krishi Vigyan Kendra. So far, 129 farmers have been provided such trainings